Characteristics and selection

What our dogs make champions?

The breeding of the Lagotto Romagnolo is guided by a well-defined breeding standard. This standard that has been thought up, drafted and modified in the past years by breed founders – or better “rediscovers”, identifies and describes the ideal traits that a true Lagotto shall have. In the dog shows, for example, that dog that comes closest to the standard will be the winner.

During the perpetual and constant research for the “perfect” dog each breeder has his own preferences for certain characteristics that he believes in or prefers for different reasons. Our selection, in particular, has the aim to breed puppies that will grow into equilibrated adults, with good working attitude, strong and healthy, of medium size, without touching the extremes of huge or tiny dogs.

I common for all our dogs is being healthy, both according to phenotype and to genotype. That’s why we are working together with renowned research institution, both private and university, in order to test the dogs that are selected for reproduction and to ensure their genetic health (hip dysplasia controls, epilepsy and DNA). The coat that we prefer and aim at is rough and curly, with colors being mainly brown, white-brown and roan brown.

We take part in ENCI and FCI shows, both for beauty and for working, and we test our dogs for truffle searching, with additional help of instructors. All our dogs are used to search for natural truffles (as opposed to essence searching), with our male Cacao della Metaurense and our female Carla being the top of the excellence.

Transporting dogs to the customer

On request, we deliver our dogs all over Europe

Most of our customers decide to take one of our Lagotto Romagnolo puppies after having visited once or even several times our kennel, got to know the parent dogs, the kennel and of course the puppy. Alternatively, we support your choice from the distance via email or phone, sending you pictures and any additional information to help you make the decision.

When the puppy has reached the right age for leaving to his new home, and in any case not before 60 days old, there are two possibilities. Some come to pick up the puppy in person. But when it’s not possible, we take care of the delivery ourselves. For travels within Europe, we deliver by car, making sure in this way that the puppy is well integrated in the new family, helping solving initial doubts and answering questions. For very long travels or when travelling overseas we work together with a trusted freight company, specialized in pet transport. The puppy is brought to the airport, from where he can start the journey, travelling relaxed in its crate.

Our puppies are sold when they are at least 60days old, based on the import requirements of the host country, with 2 or 3 vaccinations and anti-parasite treatments done, microchip number and release of official ENCI pedigree.

Why Lagotto? The best dog in the world!
His love is endlessly pure and unconditional, he is an eternal puppy who only thinks about loving you. He was born to fill the void left by false friends. Get Lagot and you will get true love!

Toplica Truffles


Toplica Truffles kennel aims to advance the breed in both health and capacity. Since 2009, we have been working on the improvement of our dogs, as well as the breed in general, by finding our puppies an ideal home and responsible owners who will continue the path we started. Each future owner whose dog comes from our kennel has a daily support and assists with all obstacles and problems.

Our puppies are transported in secured plastic cages. We guarantee a safe arrival at any international airport worldwide, providing the necessary documentation for international transportation including a chip, passport and health card. Our dogs are always delivered from the kennel in the best condition and arrive at the destination in good health, with the care and attention of the company Cargo. The Lagota puppy is delivered with a producer or a reliable partner at your address.

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    To save time, before you send us a question, check if we have already covered it in our mini guide with useful tips for anyone planning or wanting to have a Lagotto Romagnolo dog. Owning a dog is a long-term investment and a lot of problems could be created which, hopefully, will be identified in advance, avoided and, in the worst case, solved, in order to avoid the stress of the owner and the dog. You should be aware that the lifespan of this breed lasts about 11 years and that the dog and its offspring never end up on the "street".


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