In order to fully enjoy the company of a dog, a man should not try to teach him to be like a man at all. Conversely, man should open himself up to the possibility of becoming partially a dog.

/ Edward Hoagland, travel writer and essayist /

Lagotto Romagnolo


When you first see a Lagotto, the first thing you’ll probably notice is its beautiful, curly fur. It was this waterproof fur that protected him and kept him warm and protected as he hunted game in the cold swamps of Italy. The layers of the coat resemble wavy human hair more than fur and come in different colors with varied markings.

It does not shed much, which is especially good for those who suffer from allergies, but its fur loses its shine easily and grows to the point where it covers the eyes and ears. For these reasons, it requires good maintenance. However, if you can meet these care requirements you will be rewarded with a loyal, family companion that you can easily teach scent tracking, obedience training, agility and much more.

Lagoto Romagnolo is not a demanding dog. He is happy when he gets enough exercise and companionship from you, and he can even live in an apartment if his basic needs are met. However, if you leave him too long without physical and mental stimulation he will get bored and will bark, dig and exhibit other unwanted behavior such as biting things.

If properly socialized, he is good with children and other pets, although he tends to bark at strangers if they enter his territory. This breed is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Even those with little to moderate experience with dogs will quickly realize that the Lagoto is a suitable pet, gentle, caring and endlessly devoted to its people.

Although they were originally intended for hunting, today this is the only breed bred to hunt truffles. Scientists even studied their genes to better understand early-onset epilepsy and applied this genetic research to the study of epilepsy in children.

They can be very good watchdogs if you train them to bark when needed. However, without training they can become excessive barkers. As we have already mentioned, their very keen sense of smell makes them excellent truffle hunters, and they also have an innate tendency to dig, so some owners give their lagots sandboxes or limit certain areas where digging is allowed.

Due to their ancient hunting genes, they will not forget to show their excitement by happily jumping into the water to fetch you something and this is a completely natural thing for many of them. Due to his high energy and mental activity levels, he will greatly appreciate your effort to provide him with these types of stimulation.

Their keen sense of smell especially comes to the fore when they “work” their noses to sniff around. Apart from this, the Lagoto Romagnolo is a great family friend, gentle and relaxed, and needs at least one long walk every day, as well as a game where he will bring you things.

They are very friendly, so never leave them alone for too long or let them spend most of their time outside. Without human companionship, expect dissatisfaction, loneliness, and therefore unwanted behavior, which is true for any dog. Start socialization as early as possible to teach them good behavior when they are around new people or animals.

Be careful how you treat your pet. Regardless of whether the dog is purebred or mixed, none of them deserve to be mistreated and beaten. If there is illegal behavior in the animal, you will solve it only by training and training, never by physical abuse. With the Lagoto Romagnolo breed, it is very specific that they remember if you hit them or if you are too rough, so it may happen that as a result they stop being your helpers in the search for truffles on their own initiative.

Lagoto Romagnolo belongs to one of the most popular breeds in the world, especially due to, as we previously pointed out, excellent abilities in the search for truffles, and therefore great opportunities to bring huge profits to their owners. Many of the owners or breeders see in these wonderful creatures only money and not a friend for life. The Lagoto will benefit you, but don’t let that be your main reason for getting a dog of this breed. First of all, look at him as the most loyal companion and a gentle soul who will love you for the rest of your life.