A mini guide with useful tips for anyone who plans or wants to have a Lagotto Romagnolo dog. Owning a dog is a long-term investment and could create a lot of problems that will hopefully be identified in advance, avoided and in the worst case solved, in order to avoid the stress of the owner and the dog. You should be aware that the life span of this breed lasts about 11 years and that the dog and its offspring never end up on the “street”.


It is clear that the costs for raising a dog well are very high, do not forget about the veterinarian, his toys, grooming and so on. If you have the ambition to be serious about upbringing, you must bear in mind that this also has its good and bad sides. Be sure that on each of your vacations, you will have another friend next to you that you are taking, and who additionally costs you every ordered lemonade on the beach that you will drink with him.

The Lagotto Romagnolo does not require much space to feel comfortable, but it is certainly advisable that the dog should not be in too small a space, because it is still a rather energetic dog, like all other terriers. Of course, like any other dog, he must have his own place to sleep, that is, his own “bed”. If you live in a house with a yard, you are able to make a small paradise for your pet. Erdeli are a race that needs occupations, running and playing. Don’t let your dog get bored around you, give him attention and give him the opportunity to show you how smart he is.

It is important to know that a puppy in some sense can become destructive if not handled in the right way. They are certainly an intelligent race, which fully understands human commands and desires. It is not necessary to repeat it several times, although it happens that Erdeli are sometimes a little disobedient, but do not blame them, they are terriers after all. Try to be patient and reward them for every success achieved. Try to do everything you do with them without nervousness, with desire and will, because they feel it, and they react positively to it.

The diet of an adult Lagotto Romagnolo is not expensive and varies from dog to dog, depending on lifestyle, movement and size.One large and quality meal is enough for an adult dog in a day. While puppies are a little different, they need a continuous diet, a little food several times a day, until they reach a certain age. It is very important that you feed your puppy with quality food for the first year, while it develops the most. The first year will certainly be more demanding than all the others, but it is very important that your puppy lives well when growing.

All dogs need one form of training, which is important for their physical and mental health. The Lagotto is a breed that requires at least one walk during the day, as well as time spent playing. Puppies up to a year old do not need anything but a small walk and get acquainted with the environment. The socialization of a young dog is very important for its development and continued behavior in the future. If you have any doubts, it is advisable to consult the breeder in order to be informed with quality information regarding the treatment of your pet.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog known for its sharp and thick coat that does not require a classic haircut but trimming, which will make you have to spend more time with him when it comes to hairdressing, at least up to four times a year. You should teach a puppy how to sit or stand on the table without problems, so that from an early age he will get used to the hairstyle that he will need several times a year. In the beginning, it is best to take the dog to a professional groomer, until you eventually have a little training in grooming, which is really difficult to learn and apply. For more detailed information and advice, contact the breeder to get the best information.


When the puppy arrives from the home,bath him and refresh him with some nice dog shampoo such as Ivory shampoo or someone else. Rub it well in the hair, then take a good bath to wash all the shampoo out of the hair. After bathing, take the dog to a warm place and without exposure to severe cold as long as it is freshly bathed. Although all our dogs grew up in strong conditions, accustomed to sleeping in yards and rooms, it is necessary to take care of them as long as they are smaller and more sensitive, but also preferably expose them to different conditions than ordinary ones in order to better adapt to various changes. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Don’t expect your dog to look like an adult dog, because it won’t. Lagotto Romagnolo changes through age more than any other breed. The puppy will initially have a short body and muzzle, until it begins to grow, as over time its physical appearance will change, it will change size, but also replace the black color with red in the areas of the head, legs and trunk. When your dog is about a year old, he will look like an adult Lagotto Romagnolo.

When a puppy arrives at his new home, there is a possibility that he will be frightened because of you as a stranger and a new home, but it does not last long after separating from his mother, he quickly adapts and appropriates your home to his own. There is also the possibility that a puppy a few days after separation from his mother would “cry”, but as I said before, after a while he gets used to it and after that there should be no problems.

Our advice is not to pay attention to the puppy at all while he is in the process of getting used to his new home.
At that time, just try to gain your trust and the trust of your family, so that they feel safe in your house. Try to be a little cooler with him, but at the same time be careful. Don’t lock him up or leave him alone, but don’t give him too much freedom either.

Your puppy needs a clean, comfortable and warm place to sleep, a place where he will be isolated from noise, so that he can rest without disturbance. In the beginning, larger cages for dogs are desirable, in which he could comfortably sleep and be isolated from people.

One of the things you should pay special attention to is your dog’s diet. The best food for your puppy would be chosen home food, such as meat, raw or cooked, as well as a couple of other treats. Do not feed him young chicken meat that is full of small bones with which he will not yet know how to rule, as well as fish and potatoes, which can be very difficult and bad for his digestion and stomach. A clean raw or boiled place with some additives such as soup, rice, carrots and a couple of types of porridge will be enough for the time until your puppy is a little older.

One of his biggest delicacies may be raw meat with rice. They also like dairy products like yogurt, cheese, but not milk to a large extent. Serve him warm or cold food, not too hot.

If you decide to feed your puppy with purchased, dry food, follow the instructions for use and the expiration date of the food. If you are buying, try not to use too cheap and low-quality food, consult a breeder to give you more adequate information about the best food for your dog.

Always keep in mind that the puppy does not need a large amount of food, and that it would not be a good idea to give him huge portions and force him to eat. These are some of the initial mistakes of every breeder. Of course, it is important that your puppy is fed normally, but it is also more important how and in what way it is fed, and to what extent. If it happens that he did not even taste the food you gave him, in addition to not liking it, be sure that otherwise it is too much food. For a young erdela puppy, the rule is to feed him about five times a day with smaller portions of food. This way of eating will keep your puppy constantly satisfied and will introduce a healthy rhythm in his diet. While the puppy is between four and seven months old, feed him the same measure, but four times a day, while after seven months you can feed him three times a day with a slightly stronger portions or depending on how much he asks. Also do not feed your dog with anything between meals, so as not to spoil the rhythm of his diet.

It is important for a puppy to have their own toys for a number of reasons, and one of these is that it could be bad for the environment in its younger days when its teeth grow at a rapid rate. It can happen that he destroys things, bites blankets and beds, but you need to take advantage of that and direct him to something else. The best toy for your dog would be bone, but not organic, as well as classic toys that entertain dogs and make them interested.

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